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Constance believes the Green New Deal is a forward approach to a blueprint for Tennessee to provide

jobs/business development and fix failing Infrastructure.

AOC in 2019 introduced a house bill the Green New Deal to abolish systematic injustices in clean

environment, infrastructure, & well paying jobs.

Environmental justice is the fair treatment and involvement of all people regardless of race, income,

religion with respect to development, implementation, enforcement of environmental laws,

regulations, &  policies.

In Tennessee what is nicked name Cancer Alley includes area of Oakridge/Anderson County & 

Memphis/Shelby County that Scholar Steve Lerner often terms sacrifice zones. Sacrifice Zones are fence

line communities consisting of low income and people of color. These hot spots of chemical pollution

are adjacent to areas of residential living quarters.

Constance Actions will ensure:

1.) Fund dollars to the Department of Environmental Quality Justice Program in Tennessee

State Governance. The Chemical industry voice should not be the only voice at the table.

2.) Superfund Community Involvement. The purpose is to advocate and strengthen early and

meaningful community participation for superfund cleanups.

3.) Hefty Regulation Fines for chemical & oil refineries who poison the air, water, & land.

4.) Limit eminent domain that displace African Americans from their homes under the guise of

public good.

Federal, state, & local government have a racist history using Taking Clause to displace

African Americans from their homes and neighborhoods.

5.) Receive Federal Funding from EPA to superfund program to clean up contaminated land.

Constance will prioritize resources to citizens whose homes have been devalue and health

put at risk. Allows government to buy property from affected owners at just price and

assistance with relocation to safe and healthy residents.

6.) Constance will implement Green New Deal for Tennessee.

Constance Stands With:

-Require Chemical & Oil Refineries to complete life cycle recycling for net zero waste.

-Retrofit Manufacturer Plants in fence line polluted communities with job lost.

-Increased accountability & transparency of Tennessee Valley Authority

-Green Energy Tennessee

-Statewide Zero Waste with Recycle & Compost Trash Removal Infrastructure


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