Our Commitment


-Statewide Alternative Response Program

-End Cash Bail/For Profit Capitalism in Our Justice System

-Education and Degree Requirement for new cadet hires 2yrs/4yrs (Associate/Bachelor)

-Bi-Yearly Physical and Mental Health Evaluations

-End Private Prisons & Replace with Rehabilitation Centers

-State Public Justice, Independent Oversight Committee 

-Full Rights Restoration to previously Incarcerated Taxpayers



-Endow Local Community Land Trusts

-Increase Renters to Homeowners Crossover

-Increase Fines & Penalties for Banks/Lenders practicing Discrimination, Prejudice, & Exclusion of Black, Brown and/or Poor People.

-Increase Public Funding for Subsidized Affordable Housing 

-Percentage Income Payment Plan (PIPs) for Rent, Utilities, & Mortgages 



-Trade Skills Back in EVERY Tennessee School

-Full Funding of EVERY Tennessee School 

-60K Starting Salary for EVERY Tennessee Teacher

-Universal Preschool For EVERY1 in Tennessee

-Hazard Pay for Teachers & Non-administration School Employees.

-NO POLICE IN OUR SCHOOLS!! Replace with Mental, Social Clinical Professionals and Unarmed Security Contractors



-Universal Childcare

-Ban Pay-Day Loans

-Nano-Capital Programs to provide Low Barrier Capital to Small Businesses

-Grant Funding to Organizations/Business Mentorships who assist and train Small Business Start Ups

-State Grant Funding to create Fixed Lines/Routes to rural areas to service rural workers in communities surrounding cities

-Universal Based Income/Strengthen Worker Unions



-Increase Funding for Community Healthcare/Emergency Centers. No MEDICAL DESERTS!!!

-Implement New Family Baby Box Program

-Grocery Stores in Every Community. No FOOD DESERTS!!

-Focus and Fund Wellness Care instead of Sick Care

-Implement Doula Care 

-State Funded Neighborhood Food Co-ops


-Green New Deal Pledge

-Corporations will be required to have an Environmental, Social, and Governance plan to rapidly remediate their waste and reduce environmental harm. 

-Corporations will be required to a complete lifecycle of products with recycling or reuse to achieve net-zero waste.

-Retrofit Manufacturing Plants, in fenceline polluted communities that have lost jobs.

-Increase Investment in training, education, and careers for professional development in desperately needed rapid changes in environment of biologists, climatologists, renewable energy engineers, inventors, regenerative farmers, conservationists, and specialist in the fields of soil regeneration to closed loop waste disposal to renewable energy financiers.

-Greater Accountability to Tennessee Valley Authority, waste removal and reduction, and affordable Utilities.