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About Every

I am running for Office because I believe it's time for a Government that understands the loyalty is to the PEOPLE.

Constance Every understands the struggles of Working Americans, as her upbringing and background is based out of a home of working class parents. A native of Knoxville TN, Constance knows all too well of having a two parent home that faced hardships to make ends meet. There were challenges at times of keeping the lights on, food on the table, clothes on Constance’s and her siblings back, while also ensuring that family and community was kept at the center of principal and morality such as accountability, integrity, honor, self worth/value, trustworthy, protect, love, and care for the people.


​Taking the core values taught by her parents and community, Constance would spend 15 years serving in the United States Army which included deployment to Operation Enduring Freedom, Afghanistan War. After completion of service with Honorable discharge, Constance would return to civilian life and face one of the hardest obstacles ever in her adulthood; Being a Disabled Combat Veteran and Homeless for the next 4yrs.  



​In this personal experience of the homelessness, Constance would learn the myths of the homeless community are majority false. In the Homeless there are too many disabled veterans like herself, too many working families being pushed out their homes due to lack of pay wage increases to offset/counter ever rising rent/mortgage rates, elderly people that can not afford or did not qualify for government assistance living programs due to fix income as the only stream to pay medical, food, and housing cost, high rate of mental illness and of course drug addiction that many talk about without acknowledging the root of the cause issue.

​In this great Adversity and valuable lesson of personally gained knowledge, Constance would not allow her circumstance to dictate her final outcome but instead will use the lowest point in her life to create power for herself and others. Constance, while still in homeless would founded two nonprofits: Sleeves4Needs (501c3) & Black Coffee Justice (501c4) with very simple goals to empower the marginalized people and under resourced/overlooked demographics; and restore care and assistance to the poor people and their needs.

​It is at this critical moment Constance took what would normally ruin people for the rest of their lives, instead she embraced the struggle and used it as platform to connect to others in the same conditions and together to overcome and defeat the obstacles of many against Homelessness, poverty, mental health, disability, race, sexuality, and religious beliefs.



​To this day Constance nonprofits are actively still serving the people in the greatest need and still on the front-lines in the equitable justice and rights for all of Tennessee.

"I am running for Office because I believe it's time for a Government that understands the loyalty is to the people. The working people, the homeless people, the disabled people, the Single Moms struggling to make ends meet. No more rich people having all the say so. It is time to return the power to who it truly and always belongs to the Taxpayers and Voters!!"


Join in the movement of TN4EVERY1.  

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